Most of us at Oranga Tamariki are members of the Public Service Association (PSA). The PSA is our union. Our collective voice.

The PSA negotiates our pay, our conditions, and our benefits. It represents us on matters that affect us as Oranga Tamariki employees. And it informs us about and campaigns for many important social issues, such as equal pay for women, fairer employment legislation, and better democracy for all New Zealanders.

We would be delighted if you would also join the PSA. Not only will you be joining nearly 3,000 of your Oranga Tamariki colleagues who already enjoy the many benefits of PSA membership, you will also be adding your voice to those of more than 24,000 other public servants who are supporting better public services.

All up, the PSA has over 70,000 members, making us New Zealand’s largest union. As well as including public servants, our members also work in health, local government, and the community.

But wait. There’s more.

As a PSA member, you will be entitled to many fantastic benefits, including access to around 50 subsidised holiday homes across New Zealand (as well as some in South Australia), discounts on insurance, mortgage rates, and car hire, and much, much more.

Joining the PSA is quick and easy. Just go to: or speak to a delegate on your site.

Or, if you would prefer you can call our organising centre freephone on 0508 367 772.

It really is that simple.

Please contact us today if you want to know more about how you make the most of working at Oranga Tamariki by joining the PSA. Our union.