There are a number of positions within Whaikaha - Ministry of Disabled People where people can guide change by, with, and for the disability community.  This work can be undertaken across the following categories. 

  • Partnering: Whaikaha will create partnership relationships with disabled people, families and tāngata whaikaha Māori me o rātou whānau, Māori
  • Voice: Whaikaha will seek and listen to views of the disability community, which will guide the work.
  • Te Tiriti: Whaikaha will give effect to the articles of Te Tiriti in the work of organisation.
  • Leadership/Stewardship of Disability across Government: Whaikaha will provide guidance, advice and strategic policy support related to disability, accessibility and equity for all disability population groups. Whaikaha has a specific responsibility for policy leadership for tāngata whaikaha Māori me o rātou whānau
  • Enabling Person-Directed support: Whaikaha will plan and act on transformation of the disability support system. This includes using the Enabling Good Lives model across the country so disabled people direct their support.
  • Performance and Governance: Whaikaha will provide administration for its partnership groups and keep track of how well it is doing its work.
  • Listening, Insights and Learning: Whaikaha will provide monitoring, evaluation, analysis and learning related to disability. It will also generate disability and Te Tiriti based research and learning, and take care of data related to disability.
  • Building Capability and Capacity: Whaikaha will grow capability and capacity of the disability community to engage with the whole government system. It will also have workforce development programmes for its own staff and the disability support workforce.

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