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MSD has a COVID-19 vaccination policy that encourages, but does not require, employees to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and its variants, unless the role is identified as requiring vaccination at the time.

Frequently asked questions

Can I still apply for a job at MSD if I’m an overseas applicant?

We welcome overseas interest in any of our career opportunities. However, to work in New Zealand you must:

  • be a New Zealand citizen or hold a New Zealand residence class visa, or
  • be an Australian citizen or an Australian resident, or
  • hold a current and valid work visa.

You can find out how to get a work visa at the Immigration New Zealand website

The only way to live and work in New Zealand permanently is if you are a New Zealand citizen or residence class visa holder. If you only have a work visa we can offer you fixed-term employment, but not a permanent position.

Do I need to be a NZ citizen to work at MSD?

You don’t need to be a New Zealand citizen but you do need to have proof of a valid visa to work with us at MSD.

Do you offer flexible working?

We offer flexible working across a range of areas which may include different work hours, leave patterns, locations of work or flexibility within a role. Because our people and the work they do is so diverse, flexibility will be different for our people depending on the work they do, the team situation and their individual needs. Flexible working arrangements also need to fit with MSD’s responsibilities, with the team’s functions and deliverables and the employee’s role.

What unions can I join?

The Public Service Association (PSA) cover members working in the public service. Work and Income Northland Staff (WINS) covers MSD employees working in the Northland Region.

At MSD, the PSA and WINS have delegates whose role, with the support of Organisers, is to:

  • support members when they need assistance or information
  • represent members’ collective views in the operation and future direction of MSD
  • negotiate conditions of employment through Collective Agreements.

You can contact the PSA by emailing

What background checks do MSD complete before hiring me?

If you’re a preferred candidate, we will conduct background checks which can include any or all of the following:

  • criminal records checks with the Police and/or Ministry of Justice
  • identity confirmation
  • bankruptcy check via NZ Insolvency and Trustee Service and Veda Trace
  • internal systems and benefits check
  • confirmation of your academic record / qualification
  • serious misconduct checks
  • reference checking.

When are children's worker safety checks done?

Not many roles require these checks at MSD.  If the role works closely with children or young people, we'll complete a children's worker safety check.  If this check is needed, we'll make that clear in our job advertisements.

Children's Worker Safety Checking is additional to the background checks outlined above. 

Children's Worker Safety checking includes:

  • identity confirmation
  • third party checking
  • police vetting
  • other required information, for example, CV and interview
  • risk assessment and evaluation of all information obtained to ascertain whether the applicant poses or could pose a risk to children.

If you have certain serious convictions you won’t be able to work in a role directly with or with authority over children.